Notification of Separation from Service (NOS)​Use this form to notify Pension Plan Consultants LLC when a participant is leaving the plan as a result of retirement or termination.


Payroll Deferral ChangeUse this form when a participant decides to change his/her deduction from payroll. This form should be kept in the participants HR file. Pension Plan Consultants does not need a copy.

Distribution Options – Internal form used when an participant is electing to make a decision on his/her distribution options.

Special Tax Rules on Distributions 402 – Contains important information you will need before you decide how to receive Plan benefits. Click here for plans that have the Roth 401k features.

Spousal Consent (without QPSA)– Use this form if you are married and you are not naming your spouse 100% primary beneficiary. (with QPSA click here)

Beneficiary Address Status Change Form – Use this form to change beneficiary elections, marital name changes and address changes.


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