Notification of Separation from Service (NOS)​Use this form to notify Pension Plan Consultants LLC when a participant is leaving the plan as a result of retirement or termination.


Payroll Deferral ChangeUse this form when a participant decides to change his/her deduction from payroll. This form should be kept in the participants HR file. Pension Plan Consultants does not need a copy.

Special Tax Rules on Distributions 402(f) – Contains important information you will need to know before deciding to take a distribution from your retirement plan and the possible tax ramifications surrounding your decision.

Spousal Consent – Use this form if you are married and you are not naming your spouse 100% primary beneficiary.

Beneficiary Address Status Change Form – Use this form to change beneficiary elections, marital name changes and address changes. As employer you need to keep a copy of this on file for each employee.  A copy can be sent to PPC as a BACKUP.

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