​​​PPC is anindependent (no security licensing here which means we are not your competition) provider of third party administrative services, excelling in compliance, customer service and consulting. Our time proven approach saves your organization time and money while helping your employees save for retirement.

Implementing a retirement plan can provide many benefits for your organization and its employees. However, the administration of a plan is often a complex and confusing process. Employing an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) like PPC, can take the confusion out of plan administration. To function properly, a plan requires a team that works together. This team includes the employer (plan sponsor), a financial professional, a TPA, and the eligible employees (plan participants).  

Our Mission is to help our clients build financial security through quality plan design and outstanding service, delivered at an excellent value.  We are constantly searching for new ways to improve speed and accuracy, while keeping costs reasonable.

An Independent Provider of TPA Services...

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Service Guarantee - We provide a guarantee of prompt and accurate service.  If any aspects of the services we offer do not meet your expectations, we will correct the problem to your satisfaction.  If we are unable to do so, we will waive the fees assessed for that service.

Understanding our Administrative Services when comparing to a "Bundled" provider. 

Administrative services consists of initial and on-going consulting, administration, compliance testing and 5500 preparation. The concept of unbundled vs. bundled really needs to be understood before signing any services agreement. In an unbundled service, the ERISA compliance work is performed by a local, expert Third Party Administration (TPA) firm as opposed to these services being provided by the recordkeeping entity, in who knows where. There is a real cost for this service area regardless of who performs these services, but with bundled arrangements, the cost for this may be hard to determine because it is part of the overall fee offering.  We can advise on the overall cost of the recordkeeping, investment services and the TPA Administrative Service so that you can compare APPLES to APPLES to see the entire cost of running a qualified plan.

If you never met your TPA face-to-face, then your are most likely with a bundled provider.   Not sure what "Color Apple" your plan is? Take us up on a FREE offer to review your plan for all the hidden fees.  Because YOU ARE a fiduciary to your plan, you need to know the actual costs, buried or not.  Click on the FREE Fee Analysis and lets complete the form together.