Installing a Plan is a Team Effort – Don’t Do it Alone

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PPC provides all levels of plan administration, compliance testing, plan design, daily valuations, government reporting, plan implementation, and retirement plan document preparation. The firm is independent from any particular investment vendor, and does not manage any plan assets. An independent TPA gives the plan sponsor and the financial professional the most flexibility should the plan sponsor decide to select a different asset provider, a different financial professional or a different TPA. Independence is at its best since these roles are all separate.

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Financial professionals help determine a plan’s asset providers (investment choices) and educate the employees on the importance of retirement savings and diversifying investments. They work with the TPA to consistently review how to utilize the plan to meet the goals of the plan sponsor and the participants.


The TPA monitors the plan to help ensure it is in compliance with the ever evolving IRS and DOL rules. For example, among the hundreds of rules to follow, one states that no eligible employee can be discriminated against-each employee at the company should be afforded the same opportunity to participate or not. In addition to helping ensure a plan’s compliance, PPC provides consultation and teaches plan sponsors how to operate a plan properly.

Employers that choose to offer a tax qualified retirement plan for their employees rely on TPAs, such as Pension Plan Consultants (PPC), to help them comply with the IRS’s and the DOL’s rules and regulations.  The consequences for employers that intentionally or unintentionally operating a tax qualified retirement plan incorrectly are severe and could include heavy civil or criminal penalties.

To function properly, a plan requires a team that works together. This team includes the employer (plan sponsor), a financial professional, a TPA, and the eligible employees (plan participants).

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